Vanguard Premium Review “Is dit de Battlefield a killer?”

Vanguard Premium Review "Is dit de Battlefield a killer?"

It’s a game we expect every year. It sometimes contains zombies, a story, and a multiplayer mode. Then we can only talk about one game. This, of course, is Call of Duty. With Vanguard, a new part came out. It comes at a time when a new battlefield and a new aura see the light of day as well. So they will have to peak. Call of Duty veterans JJ and Skate will play the game alongside Huey, who left the franchise for several years due to CoD stress. They sit at the table and talk at length about this game, it has a story mode, zombie mode and multiplayer. Warzone will come with a new map later. Does this combination still work? Or is this the infinite Call of Duty title that you can safely skip? You’ll hear and see it all in our featured review of Call of Duty: Vanguard.

The story takes place in World War II

from Story Mode It is often a short story. How about this particle? Is it again some kind of short action movie? Or did they take a different path in developer Sledgehammer? The Vanguard Group is set in the Second World War. This is not the first time. So the question is, does it bring anything new? What about the historically justified character? Did the game wake up? The three will of course also talk about zombie mode. This fashion definitely has a lot of fans in the COD community. How is this edition? Is he fat? Is it horrible and do you want to play it anyway? Or is it a repetitive exercise?

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Multiplayer mode in Call of Duty Vanguard

Moreover, we must, of course, talk about multiplayer modes. That’s what CoD is all about. How many maps are in it, is it greasy and how do you balance it? Can you play this as a beginner? Or you will be severely punished. We will also talk about the graphics themselves. Does it look good? How do you play on PS4? Because this is just as important. And how do the servers hold up? You’ll see and hear all this and more in our featured review of Call of Duty Vanguard.

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