March 30, 2023

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Lukashenko ignores the crisis and starts playing ice hockey |  Abroad

Lukashenko ignores the crisis and starts playing ice hockey | Abroad

Lukashenko, 67, who has been in charge of Belarus for 27 years, wore a red uniform on the ice hockey rink and posted “photos of the match” – including a goal attempt, boxing with a teammate and the crowd’s tribute – on his website. He also announced that he and his team beat the opponent outside the capital 5-2.

hybrid attack

Like his main supporter, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Lukashenko has been a longtime fan of ice hockey and loves to use the sport to present himself as a strong leader. He recently antagonized the European Union with a “mixed attack” by moving thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, and encouraging them to cross the Polish border illegally.

In an interview with a Russian defense magazine published on Saturday, Lukashenko said he would like to place Russia’s nuclear-capable Iskander missiles in the west and south of the country. However, his office also announced that the President of Belarus had ordered the provision of humanitarian aid to refugees camped at the Polish border.

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