Clarkson reveals: ‘Mercedes VT1 drove with a screw-up engine in the United States’

Clarkson onthult:

According to Tom Clarkson, the team Mercedes Absolute misconception about its own speed in the United States Red Bull Racing. German Racing Stable admitted that this was partly due to the fact that he drove with a motivating force on the VT1.

The circuit of America has been seen as the real Mercedes circuit for many years. No one was looking forward to it then Voltaire Potass On Lewis Hamilton Faster times in the first free practice. However, from the second free workout, things went downhill for the team. Sergio Perez recorded the fastest time on both VT2 and VT3 Max Verstappen Took the polar position. Clarkson knows how this difference comes about. “I think the free training since Friday was very bad. Mercedes was on P1 and P2, but Verstappen could not form a fold due to traffic. So we thought Mercedes would be faster than expected,” he reveals. F1 Nation Podcast.

Mercedes had an unrealistic image

“On Sunday evening, after the race, I spoke to the people of Mercedes. I asked them how confident they were after the first free workout. They said: ‘At first we had a lot of confidence. But after VT2, there was Seco Perez. Very fast, we had a realistic picture. Only found.Then we realized two things.First, we recovered the machine a little more than usual in the first free practice and secondly we did not realize then how much damage was done to the traffic.He had the first free training at Verstappen.

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“After the first free workout they got an unrealistic picture,” Clarkson continues. “The second free workout gave the best picture of the weekend. Lewis Hamilton climbed into the front row on a fantastic lap in the qualifying round. But it came more from the driver than the car’s capabilities.”

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