Result statement: “Insurance could be more stringent” | what you say

Result statement: “Insurance could be more stringent” |  what you say

Several participants describe the new metrics as “weak”. One critic says, “Too cheap and arbitrary. And why does the restaurant industry always have to pay the price?” Another person: “There are less than three percent of infections in the food industry. Restrictions won’t really help.”

Due to the ever-increasing numbers of corona, the week has already been pre-sorted to close for a few weeks. Two-thirds of respondents do not think this is long enough. Many think we’re still locked up in the holidays. One respondent suggests: “Now have a strict shutdown of more than three weeks, so we can sit together again on holidays.”

For now, schools are still out of reach. The vast majority of respondents think this is a good thing. Answer: Finally, determine who is injured where. Does it happen at home? In the workplace or at school? Then you can make a clear policy on it. Now everyone is in the dark.”

The majority believe that entrepreneurs affected by the shutdown should be compensated for this. Only a few differ. One says, “Now I’m starting to fall under the risk of work. Horeca wasn’t really strict on inspections and there was no enforcement at all.”

The government is also setting up a so-called 2G system where unvaccinated people do not receive a QR code for public places. Two-thirds of voters support it. Of course, these plans should have been ready for immediate implementation. But, as always, the government was very late in this matter, “it seems. Another participant: Go on a tour of Austria and stone the unvaccinated. It is their choice not to be pricked.”

And the majority of participants want the “boost shot” to start sooner. Most believe that haste will prevent the worst. “You sometimes wonder if Rutte and de Jong think they are smarter than the leaders of the UK and Israel, having already started with this booster shot in September who aren’t in trouble now.” Another critic thinks: “An incomparable anarchy policy and that’s why the Netherlands continues to fail.”

Most don’t really feel the new shutdown. The vast majority are not too enthusiastic about new restrictions. One voter finds it “extremely frustrating” that everyone who has faithfully taken the vaccine should now suffer from the reluctance of the unvaccinated.

Many find it shameful that in the past two years no efforts have been made to expand care capacity and because of this “failed policy”, they have no incentive to impose restrictions again. They agree with NWO director and former hospital director Marcel Levy. It appears to be “increasing hospital capacity all at once, rather than cutting expenses all the time”.

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