March 24, 2023

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Microsoft begins launching the revamped Microsoft Store for Windows 10 – Computer – News

Microsoft has started rolling out the new Microsoft Store for Windows 10. According to one of the company’s employees, not every user will see the update right away, because the company chooses a phased introduction.

Since then end of october Interested parties can subscribe to the Windows 10 Release Preview Insider channel to experience the revamped Microsoft Store. ruddy huen owner Architect From the Microsoft Store, writes on Twitter The Digital Store is now available to all Windows 10 users. This is happening in phases.

There is a file in the Microsoft Store The new design has been selected New terms have been applied. It will be possible to add Win32 applications to the store and developers will be able to integrate their payment systems into the programs they offer. This way, they can bypass the 15 percent commission that Microsoft charges when using their payment system. In Windows 11, it will also be possible to download Android applications. this happens through integration From the Amazon App Store.

Windows Store on Windows 11

Update, 11/13: The term “Windows Store” has been changed to “Microsoft Store” in the title and text. thanks for the Twixi.

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