Valve releases a fix for joystick drifting on Steam Deck – Games – News

Valve releases a fix for joystick drifting on Steam Deck - Games - News

However, you come up with the facts.
All reviews indicate that the program is not yet complete.
All the reviews indicate that the device is primarily suitable for gamers who want to tweak to get something that works.
All reviews indicate that SteamDeck is no longer 100% suitable for the general public.
But all the reviews also say that it is a great device, and something really innovative.

The machine has been on hold since August (when I first heard about it), I can’t wait to have SteamDeck in my grip, but I want to be realistic here.
The general public expecting some kind of Nintendo Switch might be disappointed.

And I used the Mediamarkt standard, because you now have to explicitly go to the Steam page to purchase the device, which is a pre-order at the moment.
I could also have mentioned or

What I mean by this is that Jan with the Pet doesn’t see it in stores, which reduces the chance of buying it.
This gives Valve time to finalize the program so that it becomes more than just a turnkey device.
Because I expect that once all pre-orders are complete, SteamDeck (or later) will also be available in physical stores.

However, there are already about 500 verified games (thus fully playable) and another 450 (with possibly some modifications) playable, and in principle there are still gold or platinum rated games on ProtonDB that should be able to play On device now (but not verified yet). In addition to the nearly 21,000 games that already support Linux in the Steam library.

By the way, I would like to refer to the word “after” in my answer.. it is not suitable for the general public yet. It is still a niche product, precisely because the software is updated daily.

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