MAFS’ Maurice shares a photo of his lonely honeymoon

MAFS' Maurice shares a photo of his lonely honeymoon

Note: This article contains spoilers about Married at first sight.

Maurice wanted nothing more than to embark on a love affair and spend wonderful days together in Porto. There he confronts Arjan’s choice through a letter, which should provide more clarity, but according to Morris it doesn’t actually have any answers. For Arjan, a relationship is not possible and he does not need to investigate this further.

During the Tuesday evening episode you can see that Morris is trying to make the most of it despite the situation. For example, take a boat trip to discover romantic Porto on the water. You can see that he looks clearly emotional when he sees people together: after all, he also wants to take selfies and pictures with Arjan, just as they do with their loved ones.

Moments later, Morris asked a couple behind him to take a picture of him anyway. The result is now shared on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Arjan also lives at home in burlap and ash. “I never thought that this could be the result,” Arjan tells his story to the camera. What particularly upsets the florist is that he doesn’t understand why he matches Maurice. To him, his new husband feels like a brother, and he doesn’t see himself “lying in bed with a loved one and being intimate with them”, a value he finds important. “I just know–if I invested a million in it, I just know Morris is not my love partner.”

Arjan is open to friendship, although Maurice does not know if he can. He should give her a place first. “I’m so sorry it’s not there,” he says. Not even in the field of relationships, he himself no longer sees this. The conversation that Arjan talked about in his letter, Maurice certainly has a “great need” for it.

Married at first sight It airs every Tuesday at 8.30pm on RTL 4.

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