Valve: Impact PCIe 3.0 x2 SSD instead of x4 SSD for a small Steam Deck – Games – News

Yes, but I have my doubts about those “extreme special cases” and I’m glad I’m x4 (I suppose since I’ve had it for several months). I don’t play many different games, but I’ve already got my hands on two that clearly take advantage of ssd over sd.

Fallout 4 loads slower with fast travel. If I load the same save multiple times, the sd will be at the same time after the first or second time, but I guess that’s because the Steam desktop caches them (on an SSD presumably).
Borderlands 3 struggles with the flowy texture it uses. Even with this low setting, the game often gets stuck when on sd (and it is very noticeable that textures load slowly). On an SSD I can set it to Medium and there are still some noticeable stutters but much less.

So I have doubts about both games as to whether it would make any difference if I limited the bandwidth of the SSD… Well the performance of the SSD used is not great in my opinion, but limiting it further, I wouldn’t be happy about it.

EDIT: On reflection, it’s of course possible that the SSD isn’t fast enough to be able to use the 4 lanes at all and not be bottlenecked with 2. Just look again but the only way to get a 1TB version seems to be getting it ordered from Outside the EU and then a lot of input and handling has been added… I wouldn’t mind giving it a try, and also to see how important it really is in terms of speed.

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