March 22, 2023

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Ware aard van Martien Meiland komt naar boven

Colleagues reveal the true nature of Martine Meland

Showbiz classmates are completely tired of the Meiland family. Especially Martien, who seems to have an opinion about everyone, is no longer appreciated. Now that lies have also circulated in his new bio and podcast, colleagues are starting to respond.

Martin and Erica have no problem insulting their colleagues. For example, Martien was very happy to share his opinion in his autobiography and in the podcast he recorded with Erica, no one was left without.

Martien, for example, called Elsinga a “poser,” and said that Frank, Roger and his former employer “shouldn’t” get fired from him. For some celebrities, that was enough now.

Kitchen maid screaming

“When Martien worked at Van Roon Living, we did recordings for the TV show Bij ons de PC. Then I noticed Martin was passionate about TV,” Frank Janssen said in the weekly magazine Story. “We came with a camera crew on our heels and he was right in front of us to give the dogs water.”

Frank is especially upset by Martin’s screaming. ,,I can not stand. It’s like a kitchen maid screaming.”

big surprise

Richard Van Loon, Martin’s former employer at Van Roon Living, would also like to have his say. Martien called him “a troublesome and difficult man.” I read the passages in Martin’s biography in astonishment. ‘I don’t know myself at all,’ said Richard.

‘irritates me’

After reading the biography, Martien confronted about the inaccuracy. I don’t feel the need to shame Martien publicly. I am proud of myself “.

But Richard was surprised by what he read in the book. It may be necessary to make it a little creamier. Just a shame passed on my back. It doesn’t bother me too much, but it does bother me. It’s not true. “

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Lies and a lot of attention

Richard also wants to say something about Martien’s true nature. “Martin is very black and white,” he says. In addition, Richard has often caught him in lies. ,,Very strange. Martien has a selective memory. We had a great time, laughed a lot. But at a certain point I finished with Martien. He’s a busy little guy who demands a lot of attention.”