US wants to talk to North Korea | Abroad

US wants to talk to North Korea |  Abroad

The US ambassador to North Korea has reiterated that the US is ready for talks without preconditions. He urges the country to respond to calls.

After a meeting with South Korean envoy No Qiu-duk for peace and security issues on the Korean Peninsula, the United States has made it clear that it has no hostile motives, according to Chung Kim. Chung Kim said the United States hopes to continue working with South Korea to look for ideas and initiatives, including declaring the end of the war between the two Koreas.

The United States condemned North Korea last week Launches a ballistic missile From a submarine. The latest launch comes in the wake of a series of tests of nuclear-capable nuclear weapons on South Korea and Japan in September. After meeting the Japanese envoy in Washington, Sang Kim spoke with his southern envoy, No Qiu-duk.


President Kim Jong-un’s regime has been causing international unrest for years by working in advanced weapons. Former US President Donald Trump tried to negotiate with Kim, but it did not lead to progress. Kim’s regime wants to get rid of the harsh international sanctions imposed on it.

Although North Korea and South Korea resumed their direct contacts last month, North Korea has fired several missiles in recent weeks. Earlier this month, Seoul expressed hope that talks between the two Koreas could resume.

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