Boris Johnson under fire for ‘hypocritical’ private jet flight to London men’s club | Abroad

Boris Johnson under fire for 'hypocritical' private jet flight to London men's club |  Abroad

VideoThe British opposition reacted angrily to reports of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s trip during the COP26 climate summit. The daily mirror He wrote that the prime minister traveled to London on a private plane from Glasgow, where the climate conference is being held, to dine at a men’s club. “Appalling hypocrisy,” said Anneliese Dodds of the left-wing Labor Party.

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The newspaper published pictures of Johnson leaving the exclusive Garrick club in the British capital on Tuesday evening. There, the conservative Prime Minister reportedly attended a dinner for former reporters from Daily Telegraph, a former employer. Johnson could have boarded the train for that purpose after his last press moment in Glasgow, but then the trip was over, according to Watchman It took about 4.5 hours.

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Parliamentarian Dodds talks about the shame about the trip. She complains in the Daily Mirror that Johnson first warned world leaders of a climate catastrophe, before taking off on a private jet. “It appears that when taking action to address the climate crisis, there are rules for conservatives that are different from the rest of the world.”

Johnson’s office sees the criticism as exaggerated. A spokesman said it was important for the Prime Minister to have the opportunity to travel around the country. “All decisions about travel are based on safety and time pressure.” Johnson could also travel several hundred kilometers in a particularly economical plane. “More sustainable jet fuel has also been used.”

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british newspaper telegraph I mentioned earlier that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen uses private jets significantly more often. Since her appointment as UNHCR chief in December 2019, she has flown private jets on 18 out of 34 official flights. A senior commission official said the shortest trip – barely 50 kilometers – was from Vienna (Austria) to Bratislava (Slovakia), and was part of a longer trip around European capitals to sign the coronavirus recovery plan.

Von der Leyen was present at the Scotland Climate Summit, and the frequent use of private jets was critical of her. Studies have shown that private jets emit up to 20 times more carbon dioxide per passenger mile than the average commercial flight and up to 50 times more than trains. “Private aircraft are only used when necessary, to be able to attend meetings at various venues on a very busy schedule,” a UNHCR spokesperson said, rushing to confirm that von der Leyen flew to Glasgow on a biofuel-powered plane. .

Prime Minister Rutte was also present at the Climate Summit in Glasgow:


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