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More than half of Nintendo’s gaming revenue still comes from physical game sales. This is evidenced by the company’s quarterly figures. Physical sales of the games were reduced briefly last year due to the coronavirus shutdown, but have increased again since then.

Nintendo generated about 57 percent of its revenue from games in the past quarter from physical sales, according to figures drawn from Materials placed by Nintendo on the Internet Displaying quarterly numbers. That was 53 and 50 percent in previous quarters. At the time of the first coronavirus shutdowns, 44 percent of sales came from actual sales. Before that it was 77 percent.

The share of digital-only software, including a Switch Online subscription, has risen from 12 percent a few years ago to 22 percent now. The digital variants in the Nintendo e-Shop for games that are also physically available, generated 21 percent of the turnover.

The supply of consoles fell last quarter to 3.8 million. In doing so, Nintendo has sold nearly 92 million units of the console since its release. The best-selling game over the past six months was The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD with 3.6 million copies. The older Mario Kart 8 Deluxe version is still sold 3.34 million times, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.2 million times. The new Pokémon Snap has also reached 2.2 million times.

The Switch itself has been sold 3.14 million times, and the Switch Lite 680,000 times. The OLED switch It is not included in the quarterly figures, as it was only released in October. Nintendo expects to be able to supply fewer Switch consoles due to the lack of chips. In the period through March next year, Nintendo expects to sell about 11.5 million units of the Switch, OLED, and Switch Lite. This forecast was 13 million copies.

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