June 5, 2023

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De Jonge is not afraid of "Italian attitudes" as Corona passes

De Jonge is not afraid of “Italian attitudes” as Corona passes

For sectors (such as the food industry) where a Corona Entry Ticket (CTB) is already required, the permit may become mandatory. But for other industries, only employers are given the option to request a QR code from employees.

There is no obligation

“I sometimes hear about Italian situations where your employees might run away because you are using Corona tickets,” says the outgoing minister. “It’s not like that, because we want to make it optional, but we don’t want to make it mandatory.”

Of course, there are all gradations in using the Corona Corridor in the workplace, De Jonge said.

Safe working mode

Employees are already required to work from home most of the time. But this is not possible in all industries. “However, the employer is obligated to arrange a safe working situation,” de Jong said.

The manager can also choose to have employees wear a face mask or keep their distance. “If the employer, in consultation with his employees, comes up with other measures that lead to a safe workplace: Well, well, do it! But we want to make it possible.”

Legislation takes time

The government is still looking at exactly how to materialize the proposal and what it means for healthcare, for example. De Jonge believes that the legislative process takes a relatively long time.

In the coming period, ministers will discuss broadly with employers’ organizations, unions and experts in the field of personal data. According to the minister, it is also important that the measure is “proportionate”.