South African writer Galgut wins prestigious Booker Prize

South African writer Galgut wins prestigious Booker Prize

South African writer Damon Galgot won the Booker Prize for his book The Promise. The English Language Prize is one of the most prestigious awards for books written in the English language.

The book is about a white family in South Africa who pledges to help blacks give them a home of their own, but they never pay attention to it because they have other priorities. The novel begins in the mid-1980s and then takes place over several years.


Jury chair Maya Jasanoff praised the book as “a very poignant and well-built story of a white South African family trying to find a way to end apartheid and its consequences”.

Galgut was the frontrunner to receive the award this year. Despite this, the author said he was “stunned”. Galgot said he accepted the award “on behalf of all the stories told and not told, the writers who have heard and not heard on the special continent of which I am a part.”

Nobel prize

In his speech, the writer named the Nobel Prize winner in literature Abdul Razzaq Jarna This year, which also comes from Africa. “Keep listening to us in the future.”

Galgut wins 50,000 pounds (about 59,000 euros). He was previously nominated twice for the award and is the third South African to win the award. Previously, Nadine Gordimer received the award in 1974 AD. Coetzee won the award twice. 1983 and 1999.

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