US tornado death toll rises to 32

US tornado death toll rises to 32

The southern and central United States have been hit by dozens of tornadoes since Friday night, and at least 32 people have died so far. Report that American media on Sunday. Dozens, probably hundreds, of others were injured.

Storms with heavy rain moved east of the country on Saturday evening. In recent days, more than 50 cyclone warnings have been issued in seven states in the south and mid-west of the country. The National Weather Service NWS is issuing a very severe weather warning for Texas Sunday evening (local time).

So far, the state of Tennessee has been the hardest hit. In that southern state, the tornado tore off roofs, collapsed walls and uprooted trees, killing seven people, according to local officials. Five people were killed in neighboring Arkansas. Authorities have so far counted three deaths in northern Indiana.

In Belvidere, Illinois, the roof of a concert hall collapsed on some of the 260 guests. One person died and forty were injured in the wreckage. Two metal concert goers are in critical condition. A total of 4 people have died in the state of Illinois.

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