VIDS issues an ultimatum: ‘Pull all waivers before Friday’

VIDS stelt ultimatum:

Photo (c) The Association of Indigenous Village Chiefs of Suriname (VIDS)

The Association of Indigenous Village Chiefs of Suriname (VIDS) has issued an ultimatum to the government of Suriname. All lands and concessions within Pikin Saron’s residence in Pará must be withdrawn before Friday.

Muriël Fernandes, President of VIDS, announced this day at a meeting with the residents of Pikin Saron. Last night, the Traditional Body of Indigenous Powers had a meeting with Ministers Kenneth Amoxie (Gospol), Albert Ramdin (BIBIS), Krishna Matwera (Defence) and Dinota Forswick (GBB), among others.

VIDS does not want the people of Pikin Saron to feel abandoned. It is for this reason that the Council of the Traditional Body of Indigenous Authorities and other village chiefs visited the village in question today.

VIDS President Muriel Fernandez and other leaders asked the community to keep calm. It is also unfortunate that two indigenous people lost their lives. VIDS has demanded that the government conduct an independent investigation into the two deaths and that next of kin receive financial assistance to bury people.

Moreover, VIDS guarantees that the person who took action yesterday in Pikin Saron and was taken into custody by the police, receives legal aid.

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