US intelligence: Russia holds Ukraine death list

US intelligence: Russia holds Ukraine death list

The letter is The U.S. leaked to the Washington PostThe United States claims that this includes Russia’s torture, abductions and “widespread human suffering” targeting “opponents of Russian action” after the occupation of Ukraine.

In the aftermath of the invasion of Ukraine, US Ambassador to the United States Bathsheba Crocker writes that the Russian military is mainly dissidents, journalists and anti-corruption activists from Russia and Belarus, and “vulnerable people such as religious and ethnic minorities and the LGBTQI + population.” UN The letter did not elaborate on the basis on which the United States had these suspicions.

Before Russia invades Ukraine, it will be a matter of time on CNN and others. The New York Times Based on ‘very reliable information’ from US intelligence. It will probably happen in the next few days or weeks.


However, there is also good news with caution. A summit between US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to take place soon. The summit was initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron. It is not yet clear whether Ukraine will join the conversation.

According to reporter Jeroen Ackermans, this meeting is the first step in the right direction because it saves time. “This extra time is very much needed to avoid a war that could start at any time,” Ackermans said. “But the powder still needs to melt out of the cake. Every incident has a serious effect.” The date for the summit has not yet been set.

The White House says Biden will use the G7 summit’s virtual summit on Thursday to discuss the situation in Russia and Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen has said that Russia will be cut off from international financial markets if Russia invades Ukraine. If so, the country will be denied access to essential commodities from Europe.

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