Political war French right-wing parties: Zemmour satisfies Le Pen’s supporters

Political war French right-wing parties: Zemmour satisfies Le Pen's supporters

French politician Edwig Diaz recently received a text message. It was shocking. She is a prominent member of Marine Le Pen’s party. The text came from the party of Le Pen’s great rival: presidential candidate Eric Zemmour. The text reads: “Join us, then you can participate in the parliamentary elections. We will take care of you financially.”

Presidential elections will be held in France next April, and parliamentary elections will be held two months later. Especially among the right-wing parties, an open political war is raging. The far-right Eric Zemmour is trying to lure politicians and administrators out of his rivals. With text messages, declarations of love and political promises.

Even Marine Le Pen’s niece is now at the forefront of the battle. Marion Marechal Le Pen is young, politically active, grassroots and ambitious and has said she “tends” to support Eric Zemmour, not her aunt.

Zimmour then interviewed the brilliant Elle and dumped his best taste. “If Marion joins me, and campaigns with me, she can become prime minister.”

Edwig Diaz has not succumbed to Zemmour’s lead, Marion Marechal Le Pen is still trading, but many others have made the change in recent weeks. At least ten prominent politicians from Marine Le Pen’s party have turned their backs on her and are now campaigning with Zemmour.

knock on doors

These include MEP and “party intellectual” Gilbert Collard, Senator Stephen Raver, MEP and campaign worker Jerome Riviere.

One of the latest dissidents during the current election campaign was Marine Le Pen’s spokesman, Nicolas Bay. His departure came as the doors closed. Le Pen accused Bay of high treason and espionage: he would pass on campaign information from Le Pen to Zemmour shortly before he moved on.

above the political peak

Many dissidents believe that Le Pen has become too “soft”. They want the shares during the campaign to focus primarily on Islam and extremism. And Zemmour does that much more than Le Pen. “They think I talk too much about purchasing power and that I should start a religious war instead,” Le Pen said.

Critics also often believe that Marine Le Pen is past her political heyday. She lost the presidential election to Macron five years ago, and did poorly in regional elections last year. “Marine Le Pen can no longer win the presidential election,” said one of the dissidents, Representative Jerome Riviere.

Those who left Zemmour think he can win. And if he wins, it also provides opportunities: a job, maybe even a ministerial position, or a good income; Look at the promises made to Edwig Diaz and Marion Marechal Le Pen. Some defectors are simply looking for safety in the future.

In the wake of

The departure of party leaders as well as regional and local officials could lead to bad results for Marine Le Pen. Her party is losing people with political knowledge and experience. Moreover, Le Pen’s supporters could follow the example of dissidents who were drawn to the scent of success.

It is still difficult to determine the results of Eric Zemmour’s campaign. Dissident directors can certainly take constituents with them in their wake. But Zemmour is clearly looking for moderate right-wing voters. And they often have nothing to do with Marine Le Pen and her party. If Le Pen’s managers defect and join Zemour, it could drive these moderate electors out of Zemour again.

Incumbent President Emmanuel Macron leads the polls, with Marine Le Pen in second place. But Eric Zemmour has been on a steady rise since the end of January when the “vacuum” began in Le Pen and is now close to the electoral level behind Le Pen.

At the end of last year there were protest disturbances on Zemmour:

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