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PlayStation Now doesn’t exist anymore. Plus, what’s wrong with Sony’s current streaming service? This is similar in resolution and latency to xcloud.

So what exactly is the name of the streaming portion of PlayStation Plus today? And more than that, what does it matter? “xcloud” is also nothing. It’s just called “Xbox Cloud Games.” The point is that you understood what it was about when you used PS Now.

What was said. You do realize that the whole cloud gaming aspect is one of Sony’s arguments because they claim they can’t compete with it? Sony obviously thinks its cloud service is not good enough compared to Microsoft’s. With this, Microsoft can also pressure Sony to start competing here. Also, resolution and latency aren’t everything. You can offer HD, but if your bitrate and compression are crap, it won’t help… Sony only started offering 1080p in mid-2021…

Where do you think they should compete on price? Microsoft has also indicated that game prices are on the rise, with consoles coming soon.

Microsoft announced that game prices are *likely* going to go up 3 years after Sony actually did, and unlike when Sony did, we’re now in a spike in inflation.

In fact, Microsoft never said it was going to make the console more affordable. They’ve said they *maybe* have to raise the price of “some things” in the future, but that wouldn’t be discussed before the holidays anyway. This is very different from “they said they would make the console more expensive”. Regardless, even if they did *today* they’d still be half a year behind Sony.

So yeah, Sony could definitely use some competition on their pricing.

Looking at the next line you obviously took your information from an article, where do you get the need to distort the content of that article/interview a bit to fit your story?

Microsoft is now losing $200 per console, that’s not really a healthy business model….

You mean the business model that the gaming console market has been using for years? Which model is actively used by Sony today too?

By the way, they don’t lose $200 per console. They lose *up to* $200 per console. This is something completely different.

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