US calls for tougher UN sanctions on North Korea Abroad

US calls for tougher UN sanctions on North Korea  Abroad

U.S. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield pointed to the Security Council’s Resolution 2017, which calls on member states to “renew and strengthen sanctions regime” if North Korea launches an intercontinental ballistic missile. “That’s what happened,” Thomas-Greenfield said. “So now is the time to take that action.”

In April 2018, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un formalized the ban on nuclear tests and long-range missiles, declaring that his goals had been achieved and that his country was a full-fledged nuclear power. However, he personally oversaw the release of Hsawong-15 on Thursday, saying that North Korea’s state broadcaster, KCNA, aimed to ensure that the country was ready for a “protracted confrontation” with the United States.

Thomas-Greenfield UN It did not give any details about the US proposal to strengthen sanctions, which should be aimed at reducing funding for Pyongyang’s banned weapons programs. North Korea’s nuclear weapons tests and missile launches have long been banned by the Security Council.

China and Russia, North Korea’s allies, will oppose tough UN sanctions. After all, they have been pushing for some time to ease UN sanctions to improve the humanitarian situation in North Korea and encourage Pyongyang to return to talks with non-nuclear nations in the United States and the region.

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