Mark Surrey has bad memories of his last Las Vegas GB: “unfit for Formula 1”

Surer heeft slechte herinneringen aan vorige Las Vegas GP: "Onwaardig voor F1"

The Las Vegas Grand Prix returns next year Formula 1 calendarட்டி The tournament, which has not been held since 1985, will be held on Saturday evening. The last Las Vegas Grand Prix took place in 1982, and Mark Surer hopes the race in 2023 will be better than it was then.

In conversation with The Swiss say that when he drove there in 1981, both tracks were nothing and the fan base was completely missing. So Surer doesn’t know if Las Vegas will actually be extra. “When you think of Las Vegas, bad memories come to mind. This is one of the most F1 unqualified rounds I have ever experienced. Like the karting, we drove to the Caesar Palace parking lot. Ineligible for Formula 1.

Differences between this season and 1981/1982

However, there are differences between both Formula 1 and the circuit at the time. Although the location of the race and the roundabout are the same, by 2023 the round will be much larger and faster with fewer corners, so that round will be different than it already was. In addition, Formula 1 has become increasingly popular, especially in the United States. Thanks Max VerstappenLewis Hamilton And Drive to Survive, the United States will now have three races in 2023.

Special weekend in Las Vegas

The race will take place in November next year, during Thanksgiving. Weekend details are not yet fully known, but F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said the race will take place at 10pm local time. As a result, Dutch fans will have to leave at 07:00 on Sunday morning, comparable to next week’s Australian Grand Prix.

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