Ukrainian helicopters bombed an oil depot in Russia for the first time | Abroad

Ukrainian helicopters bombed an oil depot in Russia for the first time |  Abroad

VideoUkrainian helicopters were said to have launched a daring attack on today’s Russia. Pictures show that an oil depot in Belgorod was hit by missiles.

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Ukrainian combat helicopters managed to bypass Russian air defenses to launch a stunning attack. The region’s governor, Vyacheslav Gladkov, confirmed the attack, saying it was a Ukrainian attack. It is reported that two Ukrainian helicopters flew over the ground before the attack. It is difficult to determine whether this is true because Ukraine and Russia use the same type of helicopter with the Mi-24.


Belgorod is close to the Ukrainian border with Russia, about 40 kilometers, and north of Kharkov, the second largest city in Ukraine. Earlier, another oil depot in Belgorod was said to have been bombed by Ukrainian Tochka missiles. Remarkably, Ukraine has not yet claimed the horrific attack. Reportedly, the bombing may have been in response to previous Russian missile attacks on oil depots in Ukraine. Security camera footage released by the Russian state media agency RIA Novosti showed several missiles being fired at the depot, causing explosions. A Russian firefighter said eight oil tanks were on fire and could spread to another eight.

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Photos of the burnt complex in Belgorod. © AFP

“One shot and one, oops..look how many there are,” a woman apparently living nearby says in a video of the attack. Russian media reported that two people were wounded in the attack. This would be the first known attack of Ukrainian forces on Russian soil since the early days of the war, when Ukraine attacked an airfield in Rostov-on-Don.

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The deployment of Ukrainian attack helicopters is remarkable if confirmed. One question was how much of it would be left after Russian air raids on airfields and hangars in the early days of the war. Before the war, Ukraine had about thirty Mi-24 attack helicopters.

The lands have been reoccupied

In recent days, Ukrainian forces had recaptured lands from Russian forces, which they had captured during the early days of the war. Moscow has said it is shifting its war effort to eastern Ukraine. The helicopter raid will be related to this: Ukraine wants to cut off supply lines to Russia for the next expected offensive.

The Ukrainian minister can’t say anything

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba can neither confirm nor deny Ukraine’s involvement in the bold attack. He says he doesn’t have all the military information.

This is the first time that the Russian authorities have accused their neighboring country of launching such an air strike against a target in Russia.

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