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The US government has added eight Chinese technology companies to its list of companies. In doing so, the United States seeks to prevent the use of ’emerging’ American technology in support of China’s military quantum computing efforts.

Companies on this block, Get a trade ban With the United States. This will make it very difficult for these Chinese companies to access US equipment for use in quantum computing for military applications. The United States wants to prevent China from using “emerging American technologies” to break or create unbreakable encryption. In other military applications, the development of resistanceTheft– and anti-diving systems are cited as examples.

A total of 27 companies and individuals will be added to the company list. In addition to China, there are companies in Japan, Pakistan and Singapore. Sixteen of these are listed on the basis of their contributions to “Pakistan’s ‘unsafe’ nuclear activities or ballistic missile program.”

China does not agree to list its companies and may take countermeasures against sanctions. Reuters reported. According to the Chinese embassy, ​​the United States is using “national security” as an excuse to “abuse state power by suppressing Chinese companies in all possible ways.”

The United States continues to expand its list of companies. Earlier this year Are already Seven Chinese supercomputer manufacturers on the list. And the Israeli NSO group Trading is prohibited, Just like this More than a hundred companies Associated with Chinese smartphone maker Huawei.

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