Raising millions for an American unjustly imprisoned for 43 years | Abroad

Raising millions for an American unjustly imprisoned for 43 years |  Abroad

“Missouri will not pay a penny to Mr. Strickland, but the entire world will make sure he gets compensation anyway,” Strickland’s attorney told the newspaper. About 19,000 people have made a financial contribution in recent months. It’s mainly about small donations, but also $10,000 (8,800 euros) from a company in Kansas City.


Strickland was unjustly imprisoned for multiple burglaries in 1978. As a black American, a white jury sentenced him to life in prison. The judge reversed that last week. There was no convincing evidence against the man, who also had an excuse.

The sixty-year-old man at the time could have been found guilty of benefiting the massacre’s sole survivor. She later attempted to withdraw her testimony, allegedly because she was pressured by the police. She was then told that she could be charged with perjury.


For Strickland, his release threatened to create new problems. He did not earn a pension or significant work experience. His lawyer complained that her client was expelled even without a toothbrush. Meanwhile, Strickland has health problems and is in a wheelchair.

Donations collected via crowdfunding platform GoFundMe are aimed at ensuring that the ex-prisoner can still lead a normal life. Strickland was hired a financial planner to help him, according to his attorney, Tricia Rojo Bushnell. She confirmed that it was “his money”.

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