Ukraine’s Cold War is heating up, and the United States is considering sending large forces

Ukraine's Cold War is heating up, and the United States is considering sending large forces

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Update 2pm:
The Kremlin accuses the government in Kiev of mobilizing a large force bordering Russia on eastern Ukraine. According to a Russian government spokesman, the possibility of a military confrontation is “higher than ever.” According to the Kremlin, the United States and NATO are aggravating the situation by deploying more troops in Eastern Europe and evacuating embassies in Kiev.

Earlier, it was reported that the United States was removing relatives of embassy staff from the country and that non-essential staff could leave. The EU has not yet taken that step as a union, but member state Germany has begun an expulsion. Britain is also recalling embassy officials. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used the opportunity to warn Russian President Putin. According to Johnson The invasion of Ukraine will be a painful, violent and bloody affair.

Tensions over Russia’s presence on the Ukraine border continue to rise. The United States expects an immediate Russian invasion and, as a precaution, removes all relatives of embassy staff from Kiev. All US citizens in Ukraine are advised to leave the country. Non-essential embassy staff will also be given the opportunity to leave. The The New York Times reported Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden is considering sending thousands of troops to Eastern Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has now deployed nearly 130,000 troops with heavy equipment on the Ukrainian border. It has also been reported that there is a Russian force on the border between Ukraine and Belarus. While almost everyone is in the dark about Putin’s real plans, everything indicates that Russia is going to invade its neighbor and overthrow the government in Kiev.

The Americans have not yet made any plans to send troops into Ukraine, but the State Department has said it is already behind the country. Diplomatic talks between the United States and Russia have not yet yielded any results. U.S. forces in Eastern Europe and the Baltic countries must step up pressure on the Kremlin.

The European Union, which has been excluded from talks between the United States and Russia, has not yet expelled its diplomats. And the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Is calling That step is still in advance. According to a spokesman, there is currently “no reason” to switch to eviction.

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