June 5, 2023

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Ukraine is a member of the European Union?  Good idea, but one of the most corrupt countries

Ukraine is a member of the European Union? Good idea, but one of the most corrupt countries

Ten years ago, Ukraine was in the top three among the most corrupt countries in the world in E&Y accounting numbers. Along with Colombia and Brazil. In 2017, Ukraine did slightly better. At the time, the country was at number 9. E&Y doesn’t have numbers for 2021 yet. Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index does just that.

That agency operates in order from least to most corrupt. Last year Ukraine ranked 122nd out of 180 countries, making it the most corrupt country in Europe after Russia.

List of EU washing requirements

“There are many conditions for becoming a member of the European Union,” says political correspondent Vons Lampe. The first step is to become a nominated member. Ursula von der Leyen is now hinting that this could happen soon. After that, negotiations with Ukraine on real membership may take years.”

According to Lampe, Ukraine, for example, has to adopt all European rules and laws. And meet the laundry list of conditions. It concerns, for example, the rule of law and the fight against corruption. Conditions that Ukraine could not fulfill when it was still at peace.”

Joining the European Union is not an option for Ukraine at the moment.

EU Membership Conditions

There are now 7 countries that also want to be part of the European Union. Candidate countries Turkey, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Albania and possible candidate countries Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They have been trying to join the European Union for years and must meet the following conditions:

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The country should have a stable democracy. It must guarantee the rule of law, the protection of minorities, and the respect of human rights.

The country must have a well-functioning market economy. It must be able to compete with the European Union.

Any country must adopt and implement the common laws and rules of the European Union.

A candidate country becomes a real member only if all EU countries agree. It must be passed unanimously as it is called. If a member votes against it, it’s over.

Source: central government

Billion dollar grants

An EU country receives billions of euros in subsidies every year; As for agriculture, infrastructure, etc., the EU country Hungary proves that this is not always approached with caution. This country is often at odds with other member states over corruption. Funds disappeared, projects could not be justified or became completely unnecessary. Just watch this video.

There is no fast track to membership

There is, of course, great fear among the EU that billions of euros of European taxpayer money will disappear in Ukraine as well. Vons Lampe: “Many Western countries are hesitant about Ukraine’s rapid accession to the European Union. Prime Minister Rutte and French President Macron stress that there is no fast track to membership.”

It has been muttered. Poland, a neighbor of Ukraine, and the Baltic states want speed. Lambi: These countries want to do everything they can to help the government in Kyiv. Western leaders do not want to categorically reject Ukraine. So they say that Ukraine is part of the European family. Nice words, but not the smooth EU membership that Ukraine is hoping for.”

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