Formula 1 in the United States: a mixed win

Formula 1 in the United States: a mixed win

Formula 1 will have three races in the United States from 2023: the Miami Grand Prix, the United States Grand Prix (Austin, Ed.) And the Las Vegas Grand Prix. The royal class is more popular than ever StatesBut that is not always the case. Grand Prix Radio Looking back.

Between 1950 and 1960, the Indy500 was part of the Formula 1 calendar, but many teams skipped that race because they could not travel to Indianapolis. The first ‘real’ Grand Prix of Formula 1 in the United States was in 1959 on a concrete circuit in Sebring. It was a short time: a year later they were a guest on Riverside and twenty years old since 1961 for Formula 1. Guest at the iconic Watkins Glenn, but that route is not very safe. For example, Fran முறைois Severt, a teammate of three-time world champion Jackie Stewart, was killed in that circuit in 1973, a year after Helmut Koenig died in a tragic accident. After 1980, Formula 1 Watkins left Klein because there was no round Shiny Enough.

Street rounds

But by that time Formula 1 had already run its second race in the United States, on the Long Beach circuit, now known as IndyCar. But after seven editions, it was enough and once Formula 1 went to Dallas, that race landed in the books as one of the hottest races ever: 38 degrees (!) Outdoor temperature. The asphalt temperature touched 66 degrees that weekend, which is why the asphalt led the way. So it became a depreciation for man and machine, including the lotus driver Nigel Manzel. His gearbox failed a few laps, and he tried to push the car over the finish line, but the heat made him feel unwell. Fortunately for Mansil, Formula 1 did not return to Dallas. Only one trip.

In those years, Formula 1 was a guest on the circuit in Detroit, the bumpy street path that IndyCar comes up with every year. Ayrton Senna was a true Detroit expert and won the circuit in Michigan less than three times, but after 1988 Formula 1 dropped out of there.

Lada won at Long Beach

Since 1989 there has been only one race in the United States on the calendar around Phoenix Street. The most famous moment? Jean-Alessi poses a challenge to McLaren driver Ayrton Senna in his diary in 1990. The French and Brazilians fought on their laps to take the lead in the race, but in the end Senna took the lead and Alesi had to settle for P2. After 1991, Formula 1 disappeared from the United States for 8 years, but in 2000 Bernie Ecclestone had a real glory: a race in Indianapolis.


Although better built Infield-Work, but still. Formula 1 finally invented the ‘The’ track in the United States, it thought. That changed completely in 2005. After Michelin scored (their tires could not handle the bending forces), 14 cars running on Michelin tires were unable to enter the competition. Only six cars using Bridgestone tires were launched: Ferraris, Jordans and Minordis, including Christian Albers. This came as no surprise to both Jordans, Albers and Friescher, who scored Ferrari 1-2. It can be said that this is the biggest failure ever. The American people have lost faith in the game. After 2007, the treaty was not renewed and the United States Grand Prix disappeared again.

Ferrari Indianapolis 2005
Rubens Pericello following Michael Schumacher

In the elevator

It was quiet for a few years, but in 2012 Formula 1 returned to the United States and now to Austin, where a new route was built. That circle has been a huge success to date. Through the popular Netflix series Drive to survive The race attracts more than 100,000 fans every year on Racing Day and its challenging nature makes it a favorite among drivers and teams. The contract with the circuit was terminated in February, so Formula 1 will run there until at least the end of 2026. With the arrival of Miami and Las Vegas, there are three races on the calendar in the United States in the coming years. The American people have finally adopted Formula 1.

Austin Exit T1

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