New security feature requires a full reset of Windows 11

New security feature requires a full reset of Windows 11

Microsoft on its blog has some new security features for future versions of Windows 11 announce† One of these is Smart App Control, which should better block malware. The only downside: Windows 11 needs to be reinstalled from scratch to use this feature.

Smart App Control will block untrusted programs by default. In addition to verifying digital certificates, this function uses a new AI model to estimate whether a program is secure. The AI ​​model is constantly updated across Microsoft’s cloud systems, so that the latest threats are recognized immediately. The system should perform better than the current solutions because it is intertwined with Windows at the most basic level.

Microsoft says Smart App Control will soon be preinstalled by default with new Windows installations. To use the feature on existing installations, you must reset Windows completely. Microsoft calls it a “clean install,” which means removing all installed programs and data.

Smart App Control is reminiscent of Windows’ SmartScreen, which has been blocking unknown programs since Windows 8 with the familiar blue “Your PC is protected” window. Microsoft has reported that SmartScreen is also being improved; So it looks like the functions will work in tandem. Whether with Smart App Control you also get the option to run untrusted software is still not clear.

It is not yet known what update Smart App Control will bring to Windows 11. The next major version of Windows update is not expected until around October.

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