Twitter’s new boss is already controversial before she gets started. Who is Linda Iaccarino?

Twitter's new boss is already controversial before she gets started.  Who is Linda Iaccarino?

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If Yaccarino’s messy ad symbolized the continuation of her Twitter career, she could make her chest wet. Twitter owner Musk threw the bat into the fold Thursday by announcing on his private network that he had found a new CEO, a woman.

At that moment, rumors began to surface and Linda Yaccarino, the head of advertising for the NBCUniversal media group, was also mentioned. Her superiors still don’t know anything, but Yaccarino has to resign from all her duties in haste, after which her arrival becomes official on Friday. Musk pinned his hopes on this 60-year-old New Yorker.

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Linda Iaccarino is, first and foremost, a heavyweight. Not so much in technology or social media, but in (TV) advertising. Prior to NBCU, where she worked for over ten years, she was responsible for the global advertising market. She has also been active in the industry over the previous decades, which gives her an impressive network to this day. This is reinforced by her position on the board of directors of the advertising industry’s club, The Advertising Council.

Her strong business background is also what Misk needs her for. Of all the problems Twitter faces, one is Unruly advertisers By far the largest. Musk’s muddled post-acquisition leadership led not only to a sharp drop in revenue, but also to a poor relationship with major advertisers. Yaccarino will have to fix that. The paid subscription service Twitter Blue has not yet succeeded, which makes its mission all the more important.

lion’s mouth

Yaccarino, the daughter of Italian immigrants, will be assigned the CEO role, but will have to deal with the unpredictable Elon Musk on a daily basis. Billionaire officially becomes CTO (Chief technical officer) and will focus on technology and product development, which is the core of a company like Twitter. It will be interesting how much Musk is willing to actually fade into the background a bit more.

An advertising executive and friend of Yaccarino believes the key is her head in the mouth of a lion he said stingsNew York times. “Given her status in the industry as one of the most beloved and trusted people, I wonder why she would expose herself to this kind of potential reputational risk.”

In any case, it will be placed under the magnifying glass of the outside world. This is already noticeable in the polarized landscape of Twitter, where there is little room for nuance. The conservative Yaccarino has worked for both Trump (in 2018) and Biden (in 2021 and 2022), making her a suspect on both sides. For the latter, I adhered to the Corona vaccination program. The fact that she was also active on the World Economic Forum is a red rag to bull for the conspiracy theory section of Twitter. For them, it is nothing more than a puppet of the elite.

Twitter faces other challenges. The platform suffers from declining revenue and users, and due to all the fired and departed employees, it suffers from technical and moderation issues. Last weekend, Twitter also suffered another publicity blow after it became known that the company was giving in to Turkish President Erdogan’s demands. Ban certain accounts. It’s a very practical bow to Elon Musk, the self-proclaimed champion of free speech, according to his critics.

If it really does launch soon, Yaccarino will be one of the few women in the still male-dominated tech world. Not too long ago, Susan Wojcicki left YouTube and Sheryl Sandberg left dead.

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