Sander makes dazzling revelation about De Verraders’ contract: ‘If you didn’t say so’

Sander makes dazzling revelation about De Verraders' contract: 'If you didn't say so'

According to Sander, it takes half an hour before everyone is finally set up by presenter Tijl Beckand, while on TV it never seems to take more than a few minutes. “I was unlucky to be the last one to be tapped, because after about ten seconds the masks were allowed to come out.”

Sander also needs to recover – something we’ve all been able to enjoy. While he tries to recover, Sander does everything he can to avoid the appearance of his brother Jordi, who is sitting next to him. Jordi soon realizes that Sander is a traitor. says Jordi, who decided not to betray his brother because he knows Sander wouldn’t take him out anyway.

Sander doesn’t actually vote, but asks Jordi to lie and cheat on him – something Jordi is already hoping to achieve. Although in the episode it appears that Jordi doesn’t want to be blackmailed at all, in Realitea he admits that he suggested it himself “I wanted to be called,” he says. “I told him, ‘I know it’s you and you’re going to get me in tonight.'”

Despite pressure from his brother, Sander never admits that he is a traitor. And he says that this is also prohibited. “That’s not allowed, sign a contract for that. You’re not allowed to. I never confirmed that, but he just felt: It’s him.”

A new episode of Realitea will be shown online every week. Watch last week’s episode below.

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