Angela de Young attacked in Poe: ‘What nonsense’

Angela de Young attacked in Poe: 'What nonsense'

Johan Derricksen, Rene van der Jeep and Wilfried Jenny came under fire two weeks ago after Johan revealed his younger years as a footballer. It is said that he gave a candle to someone fifty years ago. He then finely tuned this, but to no avail. Especially the fun filled atmosphere during and after the tale was terrified by many people.

Angela de Jong said yesterday in lover She realizes that this atmosphere exists in the studio. “I understand there is a certain dynamic there at the table, when you see it again…,” she says until Dirk Sawyer interrupts her. “I’ve kept my mouth shut for a long time,” he said, “but Angela, isn’t this nonsense you can imagine that a certain dynamic arises at the table?”

“When someone says something like that, you say, ‘What’s going on here? Angela is on the defensive. “Listen, Johan began his story with: ‘I have a story.’ Well, van der Geep starts screaming like a sort of Gerard Juling. Then there is another sentence and then there is a more difficult laughter. If you know the program then you know: there will be some silly ending now. I can really imagine everyone was laughing out there and at some point a penny dropped like: Damn, what are we laughing about anyway? “

Dirk doesn’t think that’s a good explanation. “I can never imagine it. I find it incomprehensible that people start laughing when someone tells a story about a woman who is sleepy on the sofa and then goes to work with a candle.” Although Angela maintained her playful mood during the infamous period Today insideBroadcast, she does not understand why VIThe men did not say immediately afterwards that the story went too far. She concluded: “They did not feel that.”

Watch the conversation in . format lover less.

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