February 1, 2023

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Oh oh oh, het is echt heel slecht en naar voorbeurs

Oh oh, it’s really bad and it’s already being asked

AEX is -2.2% and are you hiding from technology and growing again? Cryptocurrency now.

Incredibly, Wall Street crashed yesterday – just because it can, don’t make it too hard – and that also evaporated AEX’s profit. Yes, this is now a bear market. Every time you think we’re there, we hit another low on the board. Trust is lost and feelings are broken.

  • European futures open around -2.0%…
  • Americans are also struggling to halve after a big (technical) sell-off.
  • In Asia, everything also decreased by 1 to 2%, however, the growth rate in China decreased by only -0.5%. Tencent loses -1.9% in Hong Kong
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) fell 1.3% to 32.6 despite those price hikes
  • The dollar rose 0.1 percent to around 1.050
  • Gold is up -0.1% and Oil is split: WTI -2.0% and Brent crude -0.6%.

Interest rates should be separate, because the base points are flying off. This is unexpected, and do we expect a shift in the stock market…?

The action is now mainly in the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin Really Dropping Through the Famous $30,000 Right Now?

Well, good advice is…it’s still expensive.

Meanwhile, things are also starting to get tougher on Wall Street for the broad market. A bear market now looms – 20% from the top and then held for two months – for the S&P 500. On a daily basis, the result is -18.5%.

In the meantime, the Nasdaq 100 is looking really bad.

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Technology without big tech and the manufacturers on Wall Street is completely hopeless. This is the Nasdaq Internet Index, the bear market has been going on since February last year.

We haven’t gotten there yet, because there are many characters in Damrak. Boskalis has also been announced, but nothing to see yet. Just too quickly. Egon Q1′It’s better than expected, especially in the US with claims and fees.

In OCI is Ceremony

SBM abroad supplies Maintaining an outlook:

In Farming is Profit under pressure† That’s not all, because Sif is also present with Q1’s

Finally, Wall Street results after hours. Walt Disney’s performance was -3.3% on a disappointing background Q1’sThe Rivian 5.6% on maintenance production target And Beyond Meat had an old-fashioned Wednesday minced meat day† The post was once also happening…

News, short tips and agenda

The most important ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam closed yesterday.

  • 08:04 AEX opens lower on prospects after losses on Wall Street
  • 08:04 Interest hedges weigh on Aegon earnings
  • 07:34 Cereal shortage leads to higher overall income profits
  • 07:30 SBM Offshore maintains expectations
  • 07:21 High results in Sif
  • 07:20 Take profits under pressure
  • 06:57 European stocks opened lower
  • May 11 Rivian maintains production forecast for 2022
  • May 11 Disney earnings and sales disappointing
  • May 11 Ajax champion again
  • 11 May Beyond Meat dives deep into the color red
  • May 11 stock update: AEX on Wall Street
  • May 11, Wall Street closed lower
  • The price of oil closed on May 11 higher
  • May 11 Wall Street heads towards a lower close
  • May 11 strong gains in European stock markets
  • May 11 Unibail annual meeting approves all proposals
  • Dividend proposal approved 11 May Beter Bed
  • 11 May I hold a dark green melody
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AFM reports this shorts With a lot of PostNL again:

In general, there is no significant change:

schedule of work:

  • 08:00 SBM numbers abroad Q1
  • 08:00 Boskalis Q1 أرقام numbers
  • 08:00 Pharming numbers Q1
  • 08:00 Ontex Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 OCI Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 KBC numbers for the first quarter
  • 08:00 Aegon Q1 numbers
  • 09:00 DSM insert 1.70 € excluding profits
  • 09:00 Philips price 0.85 euros without interest
  • 13:00 OPEC Monthly Report
  • 14:30 PPI for US inflation, April +0.5% MoM

then this


There is no safe place?


next week:

Yes, Netflix:

Chinese real estate, is also like this:

There’s still $46.09 on the board:

Haha and don’t forget the low price:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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