Twitter Temporarily Suspends Willem Engel Accounts • Shopkeepers ‘wearing their shirts’ due to lockdown

Twitter Temporarily Suspends Willem Engel Accounts • Shopkeepers 'wearing their shirts' due to lockdown

In several places in the Netherlands, entrepreneurs are protesting against the mandatory closure of stores that they have been dealing with since mid-December. Some shopkeepers participate in the “In your shirt” campaign, in which they want to make it clear that they feel betrayed by the Cabinet. In Belen, Drenthe, a group of businessmen gathered in front of the town hall, taking off their coat and jacket to actually stand up in their shirts, writes RTV Drenthe.

Similar actions have been taken in Zierikzee, among other things, reports Radio Zealandand in Austin in Brabant. In Winterswijk, shopkeepers hung a few hundred T-shirts on the shopping streets to “send a signal,” he writes Gelderland broadcast.

Meanwhile, the Association of Shop Owners in Assen is calling for stores to reopen using different scenarios for Corona. Even in the worst case scenario, it’s possible to visit the store, according to Mark van den Ing of MKB Retail Assen. He says he is considering shopping by appointment or with a QR code RTV Drenthe.

Shopkeepers in many Limburg cities want to open their doors on Saturday in protest of the mandatory closure. After Sittard and Roermond, Venlo and Glen now follow. In a number of cities, shopkeepers will set up a booth in front of the door, because market sales are allowed, he writes 1 Limburg. Shops in Sittard and Roermond have already opened on Saturday in protest of the closure; They must sadly watch how many Limburgers now go to Belgium or Germany to shop.

emergency call

The mayors of the county of Utrecht made an urgent appeal to the Council of Ministers in a joint statement. vs RTV Utrecht Sharon Dijksma, in addition to being the mayor of Utrecht, and the head of the Utrecht Security District, says that many entrepreneurs are at risk of bankruptcy. In particular, non-essential store owners need more financial support, mayors say. “Some have eaten their entire retirement piggy bank and are on the verge of falling out.”

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