Kendall Jenner responds to criticism of her ‘unsuitable’ wedding dress

Kendall Jenner responds to criticism of her 'unsuitable' wedding dress

In November of last year, one of Kendall’s best friends, Lauren Perez, gave the go-ahead to boyfriend David Walzer. With quite a few celebrities in attendance at the wedding, from Kendall to Bella Hadid to Hailey Bieber, it wasn’t long before pictures surfaced on social media.

Remarkably, it wasn’t Lauren but Kendall who managed to draw attention to himself at the wedding. The model wore a striking black dress that was completely cut from several places on the upper part of her body, leaving little to the imagination. At the time, several people on Instagram said they found the dress “inappropriate” for the wedding.

Lauren recently decided to post a look back in 2021 and of course included some snapshots from her wedding. One of the photos showed Kendall in the infamous black dress, which once again caused a torrent of reactions. “Inappropriate clothes for Kendall Jenner’s wedding, I’m ashamed of you,” one person wrote. Another responded with ‘If the bride doesn’t care why make her a problem? Relax’. Lauren clearly agreed with this last comment, replying, ‘And that’s it! She looked beautiful and I loved her.

Kendall couldn’t resist responding himself. And of course I asked for your permission in advance. Who does not love a seaside wedding? “

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