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It is believed that more than 12 million Xbox Series X and S consoles have been shipped. This is evidenced by statements from Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer, who said that despite the shortage, more Xbox Series consoles were delivered than their predecessors in the same period after launch.

Microsoft has stopped giving sales figures for Xbox consoles for years, but Spencer says in an interview with the New York Times More Xbox Series consoles were sold today than any other generation of Xbox at a similar time after release. So this relates to delivery in the first 14 months after release. Xbox Series consoles have been available since November 10, 2020.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

According to Spencer, the shortage of consoles is not so much due to lower production numbers, but rather due to higher demand compared to previous generations. Analyst Daniel Ahmed concludes Based on data that more than 12 million Xbox Series consoles have been shipped. He arrived at these numbers by comparing with the numbers delivered from Xbox consoles of previous generations.

It’s not clear how many “more” than the 12 million Xbox Series consoles shipped, but Spencer says Microsoft didn’t expect the explosive growth in demand. This indicates that Microsoft did not previously purchase production capacity to make many copies. Spencer says the company was not able to supply enough Xbox consoles to meet demand in March, April and May 2021, for example. This had never happened to the company before in those months.

playstation 5 sales

Sony was at the end of September last year 13.4 million PlayStation 5s were sold. It is not yet known how many there are. Sony reports sales figures with its quarterly figures. PS5 sales are in line with PS4 sales in the similar period after release, but the PS5 is still available very poorly a year after release. Demand is much greater than supply.

The Xbox Series S is generally much more available than the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The cheaper console from Microsoft has a much smaller chip, which makes it less affected by the lack of chips. can be there for every chip After all, more chips are being made for the Series S console. Spencer said last year that Deficiency in many other parts prevent. Specifically, he mentioned the Ethernet ports.

Electronics manufacturers and chip makers expect the shortage to continue until 2022. AMD said in September last year that it expects to be Deficit reduced in the second half of this year. Both Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 consoles are equipped with a chip from AMD.

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