TV Manufacturer Runs Banner Ads During Ongoing TV Shows

TV Manufacturer Runs Banner Ads During Ongoing TV Shows

American TV Manufacturer Physio He caused quite a stir by showing banner ads on current TV shows from now on. with the job that jump ads Hot, the company wants to reference the apps for its smart TVs.

In principle, banners should appear at the end of films, series or reports, but they can also be displayed in the middle of a running program. It is currently in beta testing in the United States with Fox TV. By clicking on the ad, the Fox Now app launches and you can, for example, watch episodes of the docu-comedy Welcome to Flatch in the streaming app.

According to Vizio, negotiations are currently underway with other TV channels and several manufacturers who also want to use Jump Ads and have the ability to decide where the banner ad should be shown in the program and which app the ad should be associated with. Vizio uses Inscape ACR technology to automatically detect a running program.

If the beta test is successful, it seems only a matter of time before TV viewers in other countries and with other brands of devices will see banner ads for Smart TV apps. For example, Samsung has equipped its smart displays of different series with integrated stream sticks based on OSD menu with Tizen OS including advertising banners.

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