Clas Otto and his daughter Rachel quarrel?

Veroorzaakt Rachel weer een ruzie?

Suddenly Klaas Otto no longer follows his daughter Melissa, with whom he seemed to have a good relationship. Did Rachel cause a fight between father and daughter?

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Although the brief relationship between Klas Otto and Rachel Hazes had already ended, Rachel wanted to keep in touch with Melissa, Klaas’ daughter. Last weekend I decided to ask Melissa and her mother to eat together.


In fact, the dinner was so fun that Rachel invited the ladies for a drink at her house. What a wonderful evening I spent again with my loved ones. With my dear and dear mom Rachel “Melissa wrote on Instagram with a number of photos.

Commenting on the photos, she said, Rachel also had a nice evening. “It was a beautiful evening with you. I hope more will follow.”

Melissa is not happy with Gracia

Apparently, Klaas, who is back with ex-wife Gracia Krause, was less happy with this date. He has suddenly unfollowed Melissa on Instagram, and she is also no longer following her father. Melissa has already indicated in a previous interview that she loves Rachel more than Gracia.

“Rachel is very different from Gracia,” Melissa told Story magazine. She is very sweet and has a heart of gold. She always thinks of someone else instead of just herself. Rachel is a really beautiful woman.”

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