Trump demands $475 million from CNN for libel campaign

Trump demands $475 million from CNN for libel campaign

Trump’s lawyers believe that CNN has stepped up its campaign against him due to fears of running for the presidency in 2024, according to Reuters news agency. The announcer declined to comment To give news.

Russian server

CNN sought to demonize Trump “with a series of obscene, inaccurate and increasingly defamatory labels such as racist, slave of Russia, rebel and, ultimately, Hitler,” the former president’s lawyers wrote in the articles they sent. In court in Fort Lauderdale Made in Florida.

The file also lists at least $475 million that Trump wants in compensation.

A case against Hillary Clinton

Trump’s lawyers said CNN tried to use its enormous influence, ostensibly as a credible news source, to portray Trump in a bad light “with the aim of defeating him politically.”

Trump has no qualms about suing (alleged) enemies because he is no longer president. He has only limited success. A judge recently dismissed the lawsuit accusing his 2016 election rival Hillary Clinton and dozens of others of conspiring against him at the time.

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