KNWU unveils qualifiers for USA Cyclocross World Cups

The Dutch qualifiers for the Cyclo-Cross World Cups in Waterloo (October 9) and Fayetteville (October 16) have been announced. Not all cyclocross riders have already started their season, but Lucinda Brandt, Fem van Embel and European champions Lars van der Haar are in the US. The latter operates only in Waterloo.

“Fem van Mbel and Lucinda Brandt have started the season with wins and hope to continue that streak in the U.S.,” national coach Gerben de Knecht said in a KNWU press release. Van Mbel won at Kruppke and Beringen, while Brandt was best at Muleback. “The battle with the Canadian and American riders again gives a complete picture of the above proportions.”

De Knegt expects a larger Dutch delegation at Tabor (October 23) than at Waterloo and Fayetteville. “Not everyone chooses to include these two World Cups in their program, but we have a strong field at the start that can compete for wins. Because not all the toppers were there, I was able to fill the women’s selection with some riders who didn’t automatically qualify based on their place in the UCI rankings.

Dutch test US Cyclo-cross World Cups – Men’s Elite
Flag-NLLars van der Haar (Waterloo only)
Flag-NLPim Ronhar
Flag-NLDavid Haverdings

Dutch test US Cyclo-cross World Cups – Women’s Elite
Flag-NLLucinda Brandt
Flag-NL Denis Betsema
Flag-NLFem von Mbel
Flag-NLAnnemarie Worst
Flag-NLHere’s van der Heyden
Flag-NLCeline del Carmen Alvarado
Flag-NLManon Baker
Flag-NL Mouth Captains
Flag-NL Veerle Goossens

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