Trump associates sued for ballot fraud

Trump associates sued for ballot fraud
Trump in Georgia in 2021

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A special jury in the US state of Georgia has recommended the indictment of several people close to former President Donald Trump. They investigated possible vote-tampering in the 2020 presidential election.

Chief Justice Emily Cohrs wanted the opposite the The New York Times There are no specific names and fees mentioned, but said “it’s not a short list”. “You wouldn’t be shocked,” she replied cryptically when asked if Trump himself was on the list of names. Rocket science. It won’t surprise anyone.”

The investigation is examining whether Trump and his close associates attempted to influence vote counting in the state during the previous presidential election. In that election, it was very exciting who would win the state of Georgia. The votes have been recounted twice, each time with Biden winning.

“Find 11,780 votes”

On Jan. 2, four days before the storming of the Capitol, Trump made an infamous phone call to Brad Raffensperger, the top government official tasked with monitoring the state’s votes. In that conversation, which lasted more than an hour, Trump pushed for a recount: “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” That is exactly one vote more than the number of votes Biden ultimately won the state.

Advice only

Earlier, the jury had stated that it strongly suspected that several witnesses had committed perjury and should therefore be prosecuted. Who they are, and whether they are now also on this new list of recommendations, is not clear.

Georgia special juries provide advice only, and they do not have the authority to bring charges themselves. That responsibility now rests with the local district attorney for Fulton County, the area where the investigation is taking place.

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