Chinese swipe at US ‘significant at time of high voltage’

Chinese swipe at US 'significant at time of high voltage'
Putin and G, here in an archive photo.

China’s Foreign Ministry is launching a scathing attack on the United States on a day Russian President Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for the war in Ukraine and suspended a nuclear deal with the United States.

In a document prepared by the ministry, the US has been called openly unreliable and irresponsible. There have been criticisms of abuse of military power by the US and disruption of financial order. “It’s really remarkable that it’s being released now at a very tense time,” said Jonathan Holzlock, a political scientist and China expert at the Free University in Brussels.

‘Crime List’

“This document is unprecedented. The Chinese accuse the US of hegemony, meddling and military abuse.” Along with that high voltage, Holeslock refers to the war in Ukraine. U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said earlier this week that there are signs that China is supplying arms to Russia, and thus is clearly siding with Russia.

What strikes Holzlock about the Chinese attack in particular is that there is no single point that stands out. “It’s a whole list of allegations. They accuse the United States of complete irresponsibility.” He talks about a “step-forward diplomatic offensive” not seen in a long time.

Cold War

China also released a document on security, presenting itself as Russian President Putin in his earlier post today State of the Union, as an attractive partner and alternative to the US. According to Holzlock, the Chinese want to show themselves as a more reliable partner than the US.

Holzlock thinks that China is actually looking for a new world order. Holzlock thinks it will be difficult for European countries to set a course now. “If the Chinese feel that the Cold War has started, that is very worrying. For example, Europe will find it difficult to trade and negotiate.”

Russia and China

According to the Wall Street Journal, Chinese President Xi Jinping will visit Moscow soon. This may indicate that the two countries continue to strengthen ties. Holzlock says Russia and China need each other very much. “Despite occasional resentment, Beijing sees Russia as an indispensable partner.”

Holzlock thinks arming Russia would be a step too far. “That means they will lose what little debt they have left in Europe, and then Europe will side with America.”

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