Trump and kids try to block New York call-up | abroad

Trump and kids try to block New York call-up |  abroad

Last month, James sued the Trump family’s holding company for allegedly misrepresenting the value of several of the company’s assets. James then said he has important new information to suggest.

James wanted the subpoenas to ensure that Trump’s sons, Donald Trump the Younger and Ivanka Trump, would testify in the investigation, which has been going on for nearly three years.

According to the Trump family’s lawyer, James, a Democrat, is targeting the former president because he is a Republican. James was disapproving of his “political view” and “attempting to interfere with his political ambitions”.

Capitol Building

On Monday, Trump’s team submitted documents about another lawsuit against the former president, the case of Capitol police officers who were on duty on January 6, 2021, when the government building was broken into. The documents say agents are “clinging to the straw” by tying Trump to the storm. Washington Mayor and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be held accountable, according to Trump’s team.

In fact, publicly available documents show that it was President Trump who sought to protect Washington, D.C. in the lead up to January 6, by authorizing the National Guard to protect the Capitol, the document says.

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