January 27, 2023

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The royal family puts an end to the traditional photo session of Lech |  show

The royal family puts an end to the traditional photo session of Lech | show

The traditional family portrait of the Oranjes in Lech family has been canceled this year. The State Information Service announces that the family only wants to photograph it in full and this is not possible this year due to the absence of Princess Alexia. The summer counterpart that takes place every year at the end of summer vacation will also be cancelled.

The royal family’s new photo protocol is the result of the decision to only take a picture as the whole family, RVD confirmed Tuesday after reporting it from RTL Boulevard. RVD announced that the photo sessions will no longer be tied to the winter and summer holidays. The Government Information Service will choose two more moments in which the family can be registered.

Anyway, Princess Alexia is not in Lech this year due to her studies in Wales. Princess Amalia may also be absent as she is doing an internship abroad this year.

It also plays a role in Lech’s decision that RVD doesn’t want to get too many photographers together due to the coronavirus crisis.

Last year, for the first time in years, the family did not go to Lech. At the time, Austria had only opened its ski areas to its residents as part of the Corona measures.

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