April 1, 2023

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Tracking Protection in Android Firefox live version – Computer – News

Why use a browser from the largest ad agency in the world, knowing that the sole function of this browser is to sell more personalized ads.

I’ve often wondered at a bus shelter if a bus shelter is available to me as a traveler, or to hold an advertising poster upright. But if it rains, this question is irrelevant: I like to be dry and won’t boycott a bus shelter because it also has an advertising poster on it, even if that’s the real reason it’s there.

Firefox is a great browser, but I’m noticing it on Android regularly Sometimes those sites* They’re not optimized for that, so I still have to switch (temporarily) to Chrome to “stay dry” (to enjoy the convenience of a comfortably working website).

These are sites I’m too shy to visit, but people would like examples:

On the Xenos website, I only see the first three search results. I have to scroll for more results. On Chrome, I see the results all the way to the keyboard. I can live with this, but I often have similar issues with my keyboard, to the point where I can’t see my input in the chat.

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