April 1, 2023

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Kathryn Kell felt unwanted in NOS Sport's editorial: "What are you doing here?"

Kathryn Kell felt unwanted in NOS Sport’s editorial: “What are you doing here?”

I think it was 2003 when I got the live talk show Keel In TROS presented Saturday evening. Big fail, because I was sitting across from Jack Spiderman, who had millions of viewers. To make this offer, I had to wander into the NOS Sport editorial office on Saturdays, as Katherine explains in her column. “what are you doing here?” yelled at me. I said: “I have to go to my studio and I can only get there through this editorial office.” “Next time, take a different route” was cut, but that just wasn’t possible.

And the next week I was back there again and said: Good afternoon. As if it was the appointment, all the editors turned their heads and said nothing, said the opinion singer, who felt like an “annoying bug.” I am not an aspiring editor, and I am not of foreign origin, but this is what came to my mind when I read Aisha Morghdi’s story. I didn’t think about it again, but boom, it was suddenly there.

Aisha Morgadi wrote her story in a great article last weekend De Volkskrant On long-term infringing behavior in the NOS Sport editorial staff.

Katherine says she learned not to take everything personally during her career. I’ve had editors work for me and when I say I don’t like their work, some just burst into tears: “I knew you didn’t like me.” which was absolutely out of the question. So women must also learn to separate personal from action.