Viewers are disgusted with the B&B owner’s breakfast selection: “Gadver!”

Viewers are disgusted with the B&B owner's breakfast selection: "Gadver!"

Fokke stayed at a bed and breakfast in Friesland with his partner Jenny. To spend the night in Fokke’s hometown, guests usually pay €80 per night. And while other B&B owners are busy evaluating their stay, viewers don’t talk openly about Fokke’s breakfast himself. “Pasta, noodles, fried rice: I don’t care. I think they’re delicious and better than bread,” says Fock, mouth-watering. “Put on a little mayonnaise, okay.”

Fokke’s breakfast caused a lot of surprises on Twitter. Nasi with mayonnaise, did he say that? Gadver writes one viewer. “I wouldn’t really trust someone who just heats up leftover Chinese food in the microwave and stirs in a small amount of mayonnaise in it when making breakfast.” However, the bed and breakfast owners had nothing to complain about, because — fortunately for them Jenny arranged another breakfast for them.

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Who gets to spend a free night in a bed and breakfast is former Carla Jacobs. Jacob was after his participation in b & with love burdened with guilt. He explains that his relationship with his ex-wife Carla has moved on too quickly and that after their breakup, things start to get worse for his ex-girlfriend. For this reason, he offered her a room in his bed and his own breakfast in Portugal.

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