Cabinet tackles misleading ‘from-for’ cuts

Cabinet tackles misleading 'from-for' cuts

Misleading “purchases on sale” in stores are curbed. Entrepreneurs are no longer allowed to temporarily increase the price of a product and then offer it with what is called a huge discount. The government has set this out in detail in an agreement that applies to the entire European Union.

In specific terms, this means that “price of price” must be the lowest price charged for a product or service in the past 30 days. The measure will come into effect soon and will apply to online stores and physical businesses.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs talks about a “continuous phenomenon”, which many consumers have had to deal with. According to Minister Adriaansens, entrepreneurs will also benefit from the measure, as they will be less affected by unfair competition.

Meat and fish no

The exception applies to products that have been on the market for less than thirty days, as well as fresh products such as fish, meat, dairy and fruit. The seller is allowed to use the “price of price” that was applied just before the discount. According to the ministry, the price can change rapidly and it is virtually impossible to keep up with these changes all the time.

Another exception is the successive price cuts. Suppose a dress of €100 is offered first at a 20 percent discount and then at a 30 percent discount, then the seller may keep the €100 “off the price” in either case.

The supervision and implementation of the procedure is in the hands of the Dutch Consumers and Markets Authority.

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