Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 23 2023)

Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the Week (No. 23 2023)

Relax with your favorite composer or hit the highway dodging traffic. You can read all this and more in this week’s edition of the best Android apps and games.

Read on after the announcement.

1. Apple Music Classic

Attention classical music lovers. Apple Music Classical has just been released for Android smartphones, which means you can access millions of songs from popular composers and lots of different versions of your favorite classical tracks.

Apple has also added biographies and descriptions for thousands of composers, conductors, and tracks. This way you know exactly who and what to listen to. It’s good to know that the app is free, as long as you have an Apple Music account. Setting up music also requires you to download the Apple Music app. Enjoy listening!

Classic Apple Music


2. Clearly

We’ve known paying with your smartphone for some time now and you probably do it every single day. Amsterdam startup Klearly reverses this process and lets you use your smartphone as a terminal for receiving payments.


Of course, it is especially useful for entrepreneurs and small businesses. You no longer have to use a PIN or connect to the (wired) internet and are more free to accept payments. The app is free to use and you pay 1.65% of the amount per transaction. Good luck organizer!

3. Fake futures contracts

In this retro game, you will go on an adventure in the future where artificial intelligence is able to control humanity. You build a new city in the future with a character and learn about artificial intelligence. Level up, collect skills, and discover new planets.

Fake Future - Global pre-registration is open

Through the puzzles, you go through parts of the story, which takes place after the year 2100. Fake Future can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and can be played on almost any Android smartphone. We hope you can make the future a little better at Fake Future.

Fake future

Yuzone technology

4. Reimagined

With Reimagine, you can improve old, black and white or faded photos with the help of artificial intelligence. The blurred edges become sharp again and the gray sky turns blue. If you take a photo of your photobook, the app instantly distinguishes the different photos and then optimizes them one by one.

to imagine

The app was created by MyHeritage. This is an organization that deals with lineage and family history. You can, for example, explore your entire family tree via their website. Old photos can be colored with Reimagine 10 times for free with a seven-day trial period. After that you pay €8.99 per month for the service.

Reimagine: Scan and restore photos

5. Dumb Ways to Die 4

Maybe you are familiar with Dumb Ways to Die or you just know recognizable music. The game started as a suicide prevention app, but has evolved into a real game series. Dumb Ways to Die 4 came out this year and is once again full of silly and hilarious mini-games.

Dumb Ways to Die 4: The official launch trailer

Avoid traffic, don’t fall off a boat into the water or keep your hand away from the red button. In different worlds you will find all kinds of mini-games where your goal is not to die. You can find the game in the Google Play Store and download it completely for free.

Dumb ways to die 4

PlaySide Studios Ltd

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