Pinkpop 2023 announces a significant increase in coin prices

Pinkpop 2022 muntjes

Depreciation in Landgraaf will cost thirty cents more than last year. Pinkpop 2023 announces that the coin price will increase to €3.50.

From beer to soft drinks, from snacks to dinner: Pinkpop 2023’s festival-goers won’t be without currency appreciation. This year you pay €3.50 for one drink. As a result, the price has increased by about ten percent compared to last year.

The increase was expected after the festival’s ticket prices increased dramatically. Pinkpop weekend costs an extra thirty euros this year. You also have to dig deep into your pockets for tickets for the day. Entrance tickets for the 16th, 17th or 18th of June cost €135. This makes it €15 more expensive than it was in 2022. Weekend and day tickets are still available. for sale.

Photo credit: Monique Biermans/Festileaks

More expensive

The increase in the price of the coin is not exceptional for Pinkpop 2023. In Paaspop 2023, the coin also costs 3.43 euros. Inflation is noticeable in every area for audiophiles. Festival tickets have become 11 percent more expensive on average this year. In terms of costs, it’s not exactly the best period for organizing an event. Regulators face much higher costs in terms of material, energy, consumption and personnel. These costs are also felt by festival-goers.

Of course, the news should not spoil the expectations of Pinkpop 2023. The festival will take place in the Landgraaf in Limburg in less than two weeks. It promises to be another great release with a variety of names big and small. Whether you like massive pop music like P! nk, you want to discover an artist younger than Benelux (have you already checked our article with tips?) or you want to see unique bookings (eg The Hu): Pinkpop will save this at least three days.

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Pink Pop 2023



Landgraaf, The Netherlands

From 16 to 18 June 2023

Day tickets start at 135 euros. Combined tickets start at €275. to purchase

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