Today’s new corona measurements: the end of the 1.5-meter base, but Corona passes

Today's new corona measurements: the end of the 1.5-meter base, but Corona passes

Corona Pass must also be shown at events, festivals, concerts, and professional sports competitions. This also applies to artistic and cultural institutions, such as cinemas and theaters.

CTB is evidence that people have been vaccinated, recently tested negative, or recovered from Covid-19. People who do not have a Corona pass can test themselves for free for the QR code through which they can access. The municipalities received additional funds from the government for this purpose.

Restaurant owners and organizers of sporting and cultural events and activities are required to verify the Corona Card and proof of identity. So, the app CoronaCheck Scanner made available.

closing time

The maximum number of visitors and mandatory closing time for outdoor events and indoor events with fixed seating will be cancelled.

Fans in (football) stadiums can enter in unlimited numbers from this weekend, if they can show the Corona card. That means the Willem II-PSV Eredivisie game, the following afternoon at 4.30pm, could be the first for a completely sold-out house in over a year and a half.

At indoor events without a fixed seat, such as a concert, a maximum of 75 percent of regular visitors may enter. There is a mandatory closing time at 24:00.

Multi-day events are also allowed again, provided visitors show their coronal pass every 24 hours. The catering industry can start operating again at maximum capacity and the seat commitment also ends. The closing period will remain between 00:00 and 06:00.

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